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UBS - 66041

Box Bag Set. Set consists of a UB2, UB3, 3" Belt, and hammer holder. Please specify belt size (example, UBS36 would be a 36" belt).
Retail price: $230.00

HH3 - 66046

Box Bag Set Set consists of an HLH with speed square strap and an HSB with some changes. Chisel Holder or front cats paw holder on rear with speed square strap inside. Belt and hammer holder. A smaller version of our UBS set.
Retail price: $190.00

TT3 - 66047

Soft Bag Set. This set consists of TSB, TS3, Belt and hammer holder. A nice setup for the person who prefers a soft style bag setup.
Retail price: $170.00

RT3 - 66048

Setup for the commercial drywall metal stud framer. It consists of a RBC, TS3, 3" belt. Works well for the lathers also as the nippers can be put in the slot where the rasp goes.
Retail price: $185.00

ET4 - 66049

Electrician's setup. Consists of a EB1, TS4, 3" belt, and a hammer holder. The tool side has plenty of room for all your tools and the TS4. Has plenty of separate pockets for all those wire nuts and parts.
Retail price: $165.00